Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our West Spring Water

It's oxygenated. It's thirst quenching. It has our name on it.
Yes, its the West Spring Mineral Water.
Lauched on the same day as the Zhenghua Superstar, which happens to coincide with the 2007 National Day Celebrations, the West Spring Mineral Water made its cool debut to a crowd of at least a thousand who had come to celebrate the festivities. The West Spring Enterprise Club was all smiles when the mineral water bottle was final launched after many months of finalizing the details of the bottle design and marekting. Of course, much to the delight of our students, they treated to a bottle of the oxygenated water each. Wrapped in a cool blue bottle, it certainly will quench that "Thirst For Knowledge" for many good years ahead.

Meanwhile, our mineral water will make its debut in the nearby NTUCs and kopitiams... so look out for it!

A Visit by the Navy's Rear Admiral

Speaking in front of an enthusiastic crowd of West Spring audience, the Rear Admiral shared the strategies on how the Navy was keeping our shores safe. An unforgettable and stoic quote which was shared by the Navy No1. man was "What We Cannot Defend Is Not Ours".

The Admiral also spoke of Singapore's technological edge in our modern Navy fleet, an integrated Army, Navy and Air Force, a Navy which was moving towards unmanned underwater vehicles.... [ssshhhh top secret intel....]. Many questions were raised by our West Spring students ranging from National security issues to the "Should-Girls-Serve-National-Service?" debate.

All Smiles

A job well done. We did it one more time. Its an Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Silver.

West Spring @ SYF Dance Compettion 07

Looking all confident and beautiful, the West Spring at the 2007 SYF Malay Dance Competition.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Campus Superstar in West Spring!

Whats the National Campus Superstar doing with Jorrel?!!
Most Enviable Pic Of The Year that many girls would go crazy to have.
Find out more... in our new West Spring blog updates...

Martin & Mom

Martin and mom sharing a happy moment sharing the nation's birthday. Cute photo of the year.

The National Day Launch

National Day celebrations cum launching of our new mineral water bottle. The ladies from 3H and 3I having looking all happy with Mr Rudie and Ms Geeta. Bringing our spring into your lives.

What Are They Smiling About?!

West Spring very own mineral water. If you are ever thirsting for new knowledge, let our mineral water quench your thirst. One cool school.

Top Honors In Shooting Tournament

West Spring shooters aces once again in this year's 2007 National Interschool Shooting Tournament claiming top positions. Both the Boys and Girls team looks deadly!

Aces go places. Sweet but deadly. West Spring very own Lara Crofts took Team Trophy. And individual trophies to go along.

A closer look at the Boys team. Looking steely cool.