Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Recommended Read

If there was a book that you must read, then this book comes highly recommended this Labour Day holiday. I promise you, you will work harder than ever before and find the reasons to work harder and be smarter at school. More importantly, you will be able to see beyond what most people see. Good luck.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Best Wishes to Our NIE Teachers

Our NIE teachers will be leaving us for now and going back to NIE to complete their final training. West Spring wishes them all the best in their future endeavours!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Day The World Shook: Attack of the WS Rocket Scientists

"I,Dr Ken Yamashita, Japan come rocket bring shoot baddies..."

Early signs of plutonium poisoning can be seen in Shazwan.

Aaaarrrgghhhhh.... Im blind... Im blind... no wait... Its just water...

This one's for you momma... Hppy Mother's Day...

Imagine a world ruled by trigger-happy rocket scientists .... Posted by Hello

And off the rockets flew. How many rockets can you see in this picture? Posted by Hello

We come in peace. This is our environmentally-friendly biodegradable peace rocket. The casing will decompose in time but we still looking at the plutonium decomposition inside. May take about 2 million years more. .... But still, we come in peace.... Posted by Hello

The dashing but evil Dr Prakash surrounded by his legion of evil girl fans equally bent on the destruction of mankind and the chewing gum ruling. Posted by Hello

The evil mastermind Dr Prakash and his wicked minions from 1A. Posted by Hello

Markings on the rocket reads "Dedicated to Siti Nurhaliza - I love you." Posted by Hello


Hey look at my Bata shoes. Hey you guys are wearing them too.
Oh yeah, they say if you wear Bata shoes... you can run faster than a rocket!!

Hey why am I carrying a Bata plastic bag...?

Errr excuse me can you repeat the instructions? Do we aim for the moon or China? Posted by Hello

Ok girls we don't too much air in the rocket coz we need to add the plutonium later on.... don't forget your radioactive suits later ok? Posted by Hello

Once upon a time, there were 5 notoriously beautiful but wickedly ambitious girls who planned to take over the world with their nuclear-powered inter-continental ballistic rockets. (This was right after their failed attempt at starting an all-girl band... I think it was to get even with the world...)

The only way theirs plans could be thwarted was by none other than Captain Red whose special weapon, The Infinium Red Plastic Bag, hence his name, could expand infinitely to capture baddies of any size, gender, ambitions or inhibitions.

The problem with Captain Red Plastic was that he was so long-sighted that even if his mortal enemies were right in front of him, he would totally miss them by a mile.

Sorry no outsiders allowed! Trespassers will be shot on sight! Posted by Hello

Excellent Amanda!! the aerodynamics and wingspan looks remarkably impeccable. They won't know what'll hit them. Godspeed!  Posted by Hello

Ok students please make sure you have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty before you launch your rockets....!  Posted by Hello

Ahhhh... the trick is to add our secret ingredient the sodium-trimetrochoric diphosphate into the fuel. We gonna beat them all for sure! Posted by Hello

I'm gonna build the meanest, fastest & slickest rocket and beat them all!!! Hahahahaha!!! <...evil laughter...) Posted by Hello

Ok how much booster power are we looking at? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

West Spring Soccer Action Part I

United We Stand! Posted by Hello

Team West Spring!!! Posted by Hello

Go West Spring! Posted by Hello

My team.  Posted by Hello

Proudly supporting West Spring quick banners - WSSS Dares, Do or Die. Posted by Hello

Personal fan club of Mr Johar. Posted by Hello

Meeting an old friend from Pioneer Secondary (host school). Posted by Hello