Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Dikir Barat Event

The light at the end of the day. The Force works in mysterious ways.

The Ngee Ann Convention Centre.

Lady of ladies.

With grace, strength, courage and confidence, our warrior poets performed.

Ladies of West Spring fighting as warrior poets

A moment in time.

A smile in the light.

West Spring Warrior Poets

My gift is my song, and this one's for you....


Friday, May 27, 2005

Piala Khatulistiwa 2005 - Extreme Dikit Barat Competition

Our very passionate and talented Dikir Barat will do us proud today by representing West Spring Secondary School in the Piala Khatulistiwa 2005. BlogObiWan will be there to bring back for you exclusive photographs of the competition. Our team will be against the best Dikir Barat schools in the Nation. We wish them all the best and bring back glory to our school.

Date: 28 May 2005
Time : 11 am - 3 pm
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Centre

Rest assured the next time this blog is updated... Champions Title we will attain.

The force is strong within them....

(formerly BlogYoda formerly BlogM)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Of Hobbits, Healthy Lifestyle Run And Back to Mother Nature

"Sssssshhhhhhh!!!!", silenced the battle-scarred Urukai captain to his band of marauding Orcs,"Hobbits come this way....!"

Seek the path less travelled.... (gulp.... errrr... you sure...??)

Mrs Chua and her beloved class.

Proceeding to the starting line.

Here we are at MacRithie Reservoir.

A beautiful shot indeed.

Mr Jaya, Guest-Of-Honour making his opening address to the WSSS Healthy Lifestyle Run 2005. Mr Harphal Singh looking all ready for the MacRitchie Run.

Drinks for everyone....

Princess Narimah and West Spring padawans.... and Darth Vader junior himself with his Plastic Hand of Death...

Watcha lookin at...?! hmmmmmmm

Read This West Spring Padawans, You Must

I sense a great disturbance in the Blog... hmmmmmmmmmm

The Force is strong in this blog... use it well, young West Spring Padawans, yes?...
Abuse the blog tagboard, you shall not ....

Dark are the ways of the Sith... Conspires against us, they are always....
Know who I am talking about, do you? Hmmm...

Learn to lose your fears, you must.

Fear leads to Jealousy...
Jealousy leads to Insults...
Insults lead to Hate...
Hate leads to the Dark Side...

Learnt the ways of the Yoda language, I have.

- formery known as BlogM aka Mr Rudie Anakin Asmara

Friday, May 20, 2005

West Spring Idol -The Final Showdown

Our new (and first) West Spring Idol Khairul Idham& BlogM2 Karenn (who took some of these marvellous shots).

Finally, after a month plus of our West Spring Idol's contestants going through audition and a total of five rounds of battles with their fellow mates, the winner had already emerged out to be our very FIRST West Spring Idol and that is none other than Khairul Idham !

This chap sang with his soul and heart and amazed everyone with his excellent vocals. He had the charisma each time he stood on stage and never failed to impress the judges and the audience with his performances whereas he sang well and dressed well at the same time. Undoubtedly, on that very day, a huge flock of fans flew over to the auditorium to support him and no to disappoint them, he was crowned as our first ever West Spring Idol that evening! Khairul walked away with some very fabulous prizes and that very precious trophy for being our FIRST idol of West Spring. Good job Khairul !

Not forgetting our first runner-up contestant, Zayar and Issac who performed equally well that day too. They sang an acapella version of our school song and harmonised it perfectly just like a pair of angels. Not forgetting the "Sway" version of theirs. They really made us sway along with their voices and moves. Cheers to the both of them too !

Definitely, we have got to thank Mr Rudie, Mdm Hasnah and Ms Syahidah for coming down to be our judges of the day. I guess their remarks of mentioning how much they miss those days of them with their girlbands and boybands did crack us up very badly. Not forgetting Mr Rudie and Ms Syahidah presented to us their own rendition of "More Than Words" with Hafiz Hashari being the guitarist. I strongly think that they brought off the song very well especially when they just simply discussed it in a very last minute. That's remarkable! The most amusing thing was that they were being judged by the West Spring Idol finalists, Khairul and Zayar + Issac. Thanks the organizers for having such a brillant idea !

What was more surprising and entertaining was that our pioneer batch students, Nizam, Firdaus, Afiq and Ravi (the very handsome host of West Spring Idol) did a very heartening singing performance for us on that day singing a rock ballad Don't You Cry Tonight by GnR! A nice and soulful performance indeed !

After the results were out, the 12 finalists gathered together on the stage and sang "We Are The World" as a group. That actually set as an indication of West Spring Idol coming to the end and their unity as one really moved us. I'm very sure that they did enjoy themselves very much during this West Spring Idol journey.

Once again, on behalf of the West Spring Idol's crews and contestants, I would like to thank every single one of you for being such an entertaining and supportive audience throughout this whole month as you guys made the effort to walk with us, step by step down this route to finding the West Spring Idol. It was you guys who are the ones who made this possible and successful and definitely deserved a round of applause than anyone else. Thank you West Spring !

We have got to thank principal, teachers and parents for coming down to support this event. We hope you all did enjoy yourselves with the marvellous performances being put up on that day. And also the ex-students of WS ! Thanks for making a point to come down to support us !

The Filming Team and The AVA Team. Thanks for the hardwork and help.

Last but not least, the alumni members for organizing this wonderful event for all of us ! Main organizers includes Amanda, Cheryl, Wan Ting and Ravi for being the West Spring Idol's host ! Not excluding the other members like Malcolm and Shaun, the one who created The West Spring Idol's label and all. Many more as well ! Sorry if your names are not mentioned. (: Thanks for coming down to school so regularly, to assist the contestants throughout this whole journey and also, making this event so glamourous and enjoyable. We look forward to next year's West Spring Idol 2. (:

This event had finally come to an end. I guess everyone of you did enjoy yourself after all the effort and hardwork being put up by the back crews and contestants. I sincerely hope that all the rumours and unpleasant comments would come to an end as well. I believe our contestants have got the intergrity and honesty towards their competition in the Idols and definitely hope that you all do share the same beliefs as well. (:

I pray that this entry together with the photos have brought you guys more infos about the final showdown of the West Spring Idol. For those who have missed out being part of this West Spring Idol event, check it out next year. You might be the next Khairul. (:

Have an enjoyable weekend West Spring ! And for those O levels takers, mug hard for your mother-tongue languages.

Kudos to all !

* Zillons of thanks to the sponsors too :P


A rare moment of the three idol finalist crooning together

West Spring very first Idol - Khairul !!!!!!

Collectors Item... traded on Ebay right now.

The judges and one Hafeez took to the stage to show 'em how its done...

The judges had a tough time deciding... if they should restart their own boyband and girlbands...

Don't You Cry Tonight.... (because the West Spring Idols are over for the moment)

The fans. The fans. The fans.....

One happy organizer.... more good things to come.... wonder what Shaun is thinking...

We are the world. We are the children.... We are the West Spring Idol finalists...

One of Khairul's obsessed fans (this one is also a stalker).

We Are West Spring

Our Vision. Our Passion for Excellence will fuel this vision. A Responsible, Enterprising Community Committed to Quality.

Our School Mission. Learn 'em all. Living the tradition of excellence.

Our Core Values... learn em all if you're a true blue West Springer. Live the values. Let them shine though all your actions. In your passion to win championships wherever our talents are put to the test.

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands 2005... We Gonna Rock You. We're inviting bands from all schools to participate in this battle of battles... Organized by the rocking Rockers of West Spring. Rock Never Dies, O Sweet Child of Mine....

Thursday, May 19, 2005

West Spring's First Healthy Lifestyle Day

West Spring's first Healthy Lifestyle Day will be on the 24th of May 2005 (Tuesday) at MacRitchie Reservoir Park. This event is in conjunction with the school's annual cross-country meet. Students who are taking school transportation must report to school at 0715 hrs whereas the rest are to report at MacRitchie Reservoir Park at 0745 hrs. The whole event will end at 1100hrs. Attendance will be taken. Action will be taken to those who do not turn up for this compulsory event. Students are to be in their PE attire and are allowed to wear their sports shoes and class T-shirts.

If you have any enquiries or need to clarify any doubts, you can direct your questions to the PE Department (Mr Raj and Mr Soh) or student helpers(Khadijah, Mamata, Janice and Alvin). :)

Sports Secretary (BlogMaster)
Student Leaders Council

All S1s will be having their CIP at McRithchie Reservoir right after the cross-country event. This CIP event is compulsory for all Secondary One students and has been scheduled to end at 1300hrs. This will be the S1s last 3 hours of CIP as part of the compulsory 6 hours CIP contribution. Please be informed.


Failure Is Not The Worst Thing In the World. The Very Worst Is Not To Try.

Of late I have not been updating the postings in out school blog simply because I was slightly under the weather. Some great things have been happening in the school like much talked- about advancement auditions to the West Spring Idol finals and the Rocket Projects have passed without it being documented here. Truth be told, the blogmaster position has been delagated to some very brilliant candidates who I have specially handpicked to continue this great school blog, to add brilliance, personality and variation to the blog. I suppose they have been shy to assume to blog. ;>

Our school blog has become synonymous to the heartbeat of the school. From major events/functions to the most mundane and sladerous gossip we have it here on our tagboard. Of course like every other major success, there will be naysayers and there will be those who will put our integrity and patience to the test. But our personality, style and integrity will shine through. As a school we bravely face these challenges. How do we react to these acts of foolishness and self-degradation from elements foreign and within? Just let them act out their acts foolery (and their bad grammar) ... we will watch and just go about our business of building a school or character and excellence.

Let us applaud those who have made the West Spring Idol a reality, let us congratulate all the contestants who have bravely stepped forward to bask in the limelight -no matter how long you have stood in the deafening applause. It was indeed great entertainment for everyone. We willl remember these beautiful days in our fondest memories of our very first West Spring Idols.

Remember Failure is Not the Worst Thing In the World. The Very Worst Is Not To Try. The very essence of West Spring Idol. The very essence of the West Spring Blog - Your Blog! We will continue to try, fine tune and improve. But rest assured we will give nothing but our very best.

Take this quote with you in your exams, in your studies, in your daily undertakings, in your Life enriched by the experiences simply because you have dared to try.

And gave very best. Good luck to all!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

WS Idol Fever - Battle of the Top 12

Here are the Top 12 finalists for the inaugural West Spring Idols. It was a fun and entertaining Monday afternoon, full of drama, passion and invidividual flair. Congratulations to those who have made it this far. Many thanks to BlogM2 for the pictures taken.

The stagehands hard at work.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Our very own Mellisa Keyes

The beautiful Murni with her rendition of Celine Dion's Because you loved me

The very cool duo, Farah and Shila singing "I will survive"

The Rav-meister doing an impersonation of MJ

Omigosh! He's already on stage!!! *hyperventillates*

Nasri's rendition of unbreak my heart ....

Guys, I'm singing here! Guys! Guys??!! Hello?!

Maybe I should give the judge this rose ...

A brave Zi hui

The audience came in by the droves

Full of passion, Hakim sings Linkin Park's "In the end ... It doesnt even matter!"

Randolph, Benjamin and Joel waits expectantly

The confident Khai, happy of the remarks by the judges