Monday, December 19, 2005

N-level Results Release

A Mom's Prayer Answered, A Girl's Hardwork Rewarded - "You make me proud girl!" - Khatijah, our top NT student, and her mom sharing a very happy moment together when the results were announced. Congratulations & West Spring Wishes You All The Best!

Mr Gan & Mr Santokh auditioning for West Spring Best Smile Award 2006.

Evannia (right with unmistakable rosy cheeks) our top Normal Academic student with 4 points sharing a joyous moment with a fellow classmate. Congratulations!!!

Our handsome twins contemplating careers with TCS starting with StarSearch.

Our West Spring boyband did exceptionally well for the Ns despite their demanding concert tours.

Congratulations! All smiles here!

Ms Gan & Ms Chong giving some very good advice here on options available after the Ns.

Mr Gan and Mr Santokh going through some amazing grades.

Ok Mr Seah should we release his results now? Looks like Asree is remorseful about his hairstyle...

3 persons totally cool about the N-level results. Mr Soh, Karenn (Im not too sure though) & Mr Seet.

My green friendship band is gonna bring me luck!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Prom Nite '2005

A group photo of the pioneer batch of normal academic students in West Spring - Sec5AB. The last batch of the pioneer's. 5 years of togetherness, tears, fights, mugging-sessions, screams, cheers, smiles, laughter and bonds. (:

To all those Sec4s who have attended the Prom Nite, please kindly send me all your photos so that I can upload it for you guys. (: Add me in msn at

Thanks !

More updates on the West Spring Blogs will be coming up. We seriously need all of you to be more appreciative and understanding towards the BlogMs' situations as we are all kept up with a lot of things. If there's anything which you guys would like us to update about, maybe you can provide us with the pictures and your personal recounts. It would be much more appreciated for your generous contribution ! (:

Nevertheless, for the majority of you out there, thank you so much for being so supportive and regular in visiting this blog. We promise that there would be more updates here.



Where's Mr Amin !?

Jane, the Prom Queen of West Spring Secondary School 2005 's Prom Nite and Vera. Jane, you are never a plain-jane. Congrats !

Mr Soh and Jerome just simply refused to open their mouths..

Vera, one of the nominees in the Prom Queen list with Mr Raj, someone whom she's been admiring ( AS A TEACHER )since ..... They were one of the highlights on that amazing night.

One of the pioneer students with the First Principal of West Spring. We came together 5 years ago and is leaving together BUT we will meet again. All the best to you, Mr Singh.

BlogM2 together the new batch of the Student Council members. They were the ones ( not excluding those not in the picture ) who helped up a lot on the most important night for the seniors. Kudos to them ! (:

Ms Yee, you are so wanted here..

Mr Soh looking blissful in delight with the pioneer students of West Spring.

BlogM with the future businessman, Harsewak Singh. Guess what is he going to sell in future.. :P

Guru Gan with Hafiz K, one of the nominees in the Prom King list.

All smiling readily, happily and beautifully ...

Mr Harphal Singh - the founder of the bubbly spring, giving his heartening speech before the start of of the prom nite.