Monday, June 27, 2005

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

Yes its coming to town... The combined Racial Harmony Day event on 21 July 2005... part of the festivities in Term III. Told you Life is great. And its defintely gonna get better!

Heyy, better plan those costumes early...

I'm gonna get a Jedi costume... lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Read, Reflect & Anticipate the Future

Ever wondered what the Senior Minister spoke about in his book? How this country was built? What Singapore will be like in the next 10-20 years when you guys are 23 to 26 years old?

Ever bothered to read these magazines that will affect your lives 10 years from now when you're competing in a tight job market in Singapore? Go on read those silly Singapore Ghost Story books...

Oh yeah... we have a mural now... courtesy of the Art Department

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Things To Do Before The New Term Starts

With only one week left before the new term starts, just a few suggestions of the activities that you could do before its too late ;)

  1. Have you completed your holiday work yet? Trying to cram all of your work at the 11th hour could be disastrous. Why not call up a friend and organize a study group to make studying more fun and more motivated. Ensure that your study group doesnt deviate to something else though!
  2. Spend time with your family and friends. 19th June is Father's day. You might want to so something special as a family, bake a cake, make a card, eat out, picnic together, rent a vcd or dvd and eanjoy watching it with popcorn and friends. Anything!
  3. Volunteer! It’s a great feeling to do something nice unconditionally. You could volunteer for the National Library for the less fortunate or if you're game for it, try volunteering for the Zoo even and have the most amazing experience there.
  4. Head to the beach! Learn to roller blades or ride a bicycle or go kayaking, for less than $10. For the more adventurous, learn to make your own kites and fly them for a most therapeutic experience. Don’t forget your sunscreen or risk being sunburnt!
  5. Register an account to Moblog and get to know more friends and people. Check out the National Interschool Blogging Championship 2005 and support West Spring!
  6. Exploring just for the fun of it. Yes it is possible to see lovely sights here for less than $10. Try taking the train to Bugis to see the beautiful sights of the Sultan Mosque and the charming rustic shophouses around it or the Chinatown to see the bustling activities or Little India for the wonderful food and sights.
  7. Learn a new skill like a new language or craftmaking, learn how to make bears or write a story, a song, a poem or draw just for the fun of it
  8. And loads loads more ... Its up to how you would like to spend you time :)

Remember when time passes by, you could never get it back. In short, think of the things that you wished you should have and would have done but didnt. Time, its in your hands, spend it wisely!

Any other ideas? Click on the comment link below this article

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Hmmmm I'm making sure her eyebrows look like mine? Hehehehe" - Ms Zuraidah


Ridhuan lending his artisitic skills on the mural.

One very happy Madam Selvi...

Serial painters at work.

Back alleys.... Photographs by the talented Ms Narimah...

The clocktower in the heart of Melacca.

"Don't you cry...." There is a legend surrounding this portrait. Ask around and learn.

The stopover at Royal Selangor.

The Parlimentary House in the heart of KL. I hope I got this right.

Aerial view of the twin tower. Are they the highest structural building in the whole of South East Asia? Which year were the Petronas towers completed? Possible "Who Wants to Be a MIllionaire" questions..

Musical Instrument anyone...?

The silhoutte of the famous Petronas Twin Towers.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Whether You Can Or Cannot, You're Right.

This smiley smiles rain or shine. Spend 20% of the time on the problem, 80% of the time focussed on the solutions. Whether you choose to enjoy the holidays or choose not to enjoy it, its your day. Live the holidays to the fullest! Good luck. Plan well.

Life Starts Here

Life starts here. Appreciate everything you have.

Monday, June 06, 2005

A Grasshopper's Life. A Human Life.

Would you kill a grasshopper? You would flinch at the mere thought of it but for some taking out the Life of a grasshopper would be inconsequential and trite. After all, we are like 20,000 times larger than the humble grashopper...

Two weeks ago, I came across a group of students who were pitching tents for their upcoming holiday camp in school. You could see the excitement on their faces as they worked and chirped happily, working on their tentages. The air was drowned with laughter and jokes were traded all around. What could be more beautiful than the thought of spending the holidays in a school camp in a beautiful school?

While they diligently plummeled the metal foundation of the tents into the ground with mallets and spikes, my eye caught something very disturbing which was about to happen. I was there by chance to take some shots for the school blog.

A girl was squatting down with her friends on the brick road adjacent to the tent area plummelling into the hard, red brick road. Curious, I stepped closer to this group of very focussed individuals. Apparently, they had circled around a trail of millipedes that had forayed their way on the brickroad from the grasspatch next to it. Ever noticed the infestation of the millipedes in our school since we came to the vicinity?

And this one particular girl who had a rusty, metal spike in her hand was dedicatedly aiming for a fat, yellow-black millipede. Instictively, I shouted at her to stop this heinous act of cruelty. In anger, I asked her what if she was that humbl millipede and was about to be crushed under the searing sun with gigantic, rusty metal spike. She immediate stopped her action and her friends ceased their laughter.

On hindsight, two weeks earlier I remembered a botak boy outside the library. Once again this was a coincidental encounter. This tall, lanky, botak monster in his black-framed spectacles was stomping at a particular spot on the concrete floor. I was just walking by dizzy with the thoughts of the work that had to be done, I had not fully understood what was happening. This monster has stomping on millipedes but with a very sadistic twist. He would step on half-tail end of the millipede and then squat down to watch the millipede squirm away leaving a trail of fluid-like blood trail on the concrete floor. He was perhaps analysing how far the mortally wounded millipede could travel before its Life would be drained out of its mortal shell. I shouted at him - "What do you think you are doing?" Sensing the anger building inside me, he ran off. Since I was still dizzy and occupied with my thoughts on school work, I walked on. Now on hindsight, I am angry once more because I realise I did not make an example of this botak monster on stage and relate his behaviour to the rest of the school. Why make an example? Because I know for certain that there are many of you out there committing these crimes against Life, maybe in ways more sadistic.

I don't care what religion you come from, or even if you don't believe in religion. Life is Life. A millipede's Life, a grasshopper's Life, a Human's life - All are equally precious. Until you learn to cherish and learn this, only than will you start to be a true human being.

How do you think we have serial killers, mass murdurers, Hitlers, genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc? We live in a world where some people have total disregard for Life.

Send in your comments. And help me hunt down this botak boy. I'm bringing him up on stage and relating this story to the entire school.

I will find you botak monster.

An X-Box Challenge

So the holidays are here and you are clueless as to what to do once more... I think we've been here sometime last December.

Check out then find X-box Singapore. Look out for the latest games... It's the holidays after all... !

Let me give you a personal challenge scenario... You badly want an X-box but have insufficient cash to pay for the $300 dream machine (anyways mine is a Halo Green collectible set... yum yum)... You receive about $40 per month for your personal expenses and pocket money. Some of you receive more and some of you receive less so $40 is quoting a lower-to-average figure.

How would you own a set by December holidays??!! Let me hear your views... ;> Hahahahaha...

I'm playing Soul Caliber now and getting that Conker Live & Reloaded soon... if you use that thing that's snugly fitted between your ears... you'd be playing on an original X-box by the December holidays...

Only if there are 100 comments or more then I will share a secret with you how to own your X-box by December... meaning everyone in West Spring owns one! So work well together by commenting.

I will give the answer during assembly when school reopens... in the meantime the Comments Section is now open for your distinguished views and perspectives...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Be Yourself Day

DarthMC : Let's hear it for.... the infamous, the notorious, the all-that-is-nasty, BIGDaddy.... DarthMasterRandy... and DarthMadamHasnah....!!! yeyyyyyyy!!!

A picture most worthy of the Best Picture of The Year.

Be Yourself. Celebrate Your Individuality.

Why people love West Spring so much is perhaps we are just cocky and always pushing the envelope... examplified by the Dance Team here.

DarthMC hissed "Confess that you are BlogM2 aka BlogJedette before I make you swollow this microphone!!!!"

Never a shortage of talented, intelligent and beautiful girls in our school.

When Code66 was activated, something wierd happened to Ms Narimah all of a sudden...

A JediKnight basking in the uplifting morning rays...

Working the Force - "Do you notice when I do this... the projector screen simply rolls up...?"

JediKnights Jessica and Suraj happily controlling a large school population using the Force.

Part of the reason why West Spring is one BIG happy school is largely attributed to the influx of pretty teachers. (go look up the dictionary...)

"Dear school, it is due to the overwhelming increase in the number of witty students in the school, we have decided to organize this 5th Annula WITS Day so that they can thrash out their ideas..."

Darth Derrick taking careful aim on his cannon turret...

Cuaght in the Act

JediKompangMaster surrounded by clone kompang troopers... no problems...

JediMasterLiu overwhelmed by the mysterious powers of the Force....