Sunday, January 30, 2005

CCA Blog Announcement Platform

New face for all CCA announcements. All CCA annoucements will soon be done online by teachers-in-charge & CCA heads. TechClubWSSS is piloting this project and will assist all CCAs to create their own blogs. If you have a blog expert in your CCA, you may start your CCA blog immediately. We will integrate it with our school blogsite and school website.

Good luck all.

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Yearbook Needs You

Due to the unique talents of the BlogM & Ms Marina, they have been commissioned to design the our first West Spring yearbook - Yearbook 2004. At the same time, Ms Waheeda, Ms Victoria Chong & Ms Junaidah will be perfecting the articles for the Yearbook. Though pictures of recent school events have been captured nicely, many 2004 good pictures remain in your hands out there. This is our first yearbook so it has to be good so that it'll set the standard for years ahead + for the rest of Singapore schools to emulate + for you guys to read it in bed every night. Yups thats how its gonna be. A great yearbook has to contain the best pictures that capture the Life and soul of the school. So if you have great ones CCAs, camps, class outings, CIPS, tournaments (only very good ones) please come see me. Or open an online pic diary and direct us there.

Any suggestions for the coverpage of the yearbook?

West Spring get to work now!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

A prelude. Posted by Hello

Week 4 In Pictures

West Spring National Geographic moment. Posted by Hello

No one runs faster than the blog camera. ;> Thanks Bobby for the nice shot. Posted by Hello

We take our training seriously...  Posted by Hello

Grass so green we can host the next World Cup here. Posted by Hello

Nice. Posted by Hello

The NPCC!!!! Posted by Hello

Heyyy what are they up to? Posted by Hello

This volleyball section is brought to you by Pokka Lemon Tea. "Drink Pokka today!" - Karenn. Posted by Hello

Everything's looking cool at the volleyball courts. Posted by Hello

Volleyball attack!!!! Posted by Hello

"Errr...Mr Gan I think we have to attack that corner of the court..." Posted by Hello

Our volleyball ambassador. Posted by Hello

Volleyballs. Need I describe more? Posted by Hello

Back in school the volleyball girls were taking a break. Posted by Hello

Ice-cream fever. Posted by Hello

The ice-cream van after school. Posted by Hello

Stella Poh peace out for the band session.  Posted by Hello

Thats Jonathan Soh covering his face. No one can hide from our blog camera. Posted by Hello

Studying after school Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Real West Spring

Khadijah one of our top students in 2004 now a proud West Spring senior. Award recepient at the prestigious SEA ceremony last year. Care to share your study secrets?

Of late, I have not much time to blog at length due to my other responsibilities in school. But I have tried my best to keep everyone in West Spring (and ex-West Springers) informed and updated with our Week# in Pictures series.

However quite sadly, the tag board has been abused by some students probably writing in anger and confusion most likely after some pubishment given to them. There were many other tags which contained personal attacks, profanities and comments degrading the school and our teachers. As for tags from people outside our school, let them be. Just goes to show their upbringing and their school image. Simply ignore. But we cannot do the same to our school.

Now let me ask everyone? Do you know of any teacher who is not working hard in West Spring? If you think your study life is hard, step back and observe our teachers. Imagine being in their shoes.

So the answer to my question. I think not. I know not. I know that all of us are working hard to get the teaching done as best as we could. That is our job as teachers.

Your duties out there are to receive and learn as much quickly, efficiently and intelligently. Yes, it takes intelligence to learn. It takes intelligence to realise that we are a young school. And we can only make a name for ourselves if everyone does their part in giving their 110%. Your grades will determine how others speak of our school. So work hard. The school will gain a reputation but you will gain more - knowledge and being a member of a reputable school. Always remember this.

Why do I even bother to start this blog? No one told me to do it. We could have survived and moved along over the years without a school blog and still we would survive. But do you want a school that is just barely surviving a school that you want?

This blog was started to bring the school together with pictures about the Life and culture we have here so that you can find strength in the knowledge that you have many friends around you. You have school mates who are fighting hard in the badminton halls, the soccer fields, the air rifle range, the precision drill parade squares, the National robotics competitions, the mathematics competitions, the drama competitions, the dance competitions ... the list goes on - Why are they doing this?

The answer is simple - to bring glory to this school. So that everyone knows West Spring and what kind of people we are made of. So that when you leave West Spring someday, you can be proud to say to anyone out loud that you came from West Spring. And they will know that you were part of a very great tradition of excellence.

Look at the pictures posted here. You should be proud of them because they are your school mates and this is our West Spring family of well-brought up ladies and gentlemen.

I message is this - don't let your friends and schoolmates down by shaming ourselves here especially when the Internet is open to everyone. I wish you all the best in your studies and your competitions. Get those grades and win those medals! And we will make this school a great school together.

Shi Mei, Wan Jin & Ridhuan concentrating hard at work. Posted by Hello

Class chairman at work. Posted by Hello

Joshua & Darren. Great pals. Posted by Hello

Great example of focused work. Well done. Posted by Hello