Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Teachers' Day

Unwavering, never faltering, always giving, never giving up, always courageous.
They are your teachers.

Make a Teachers' Day online dedication today to those special teachers who have touched yout lives.

Happy Teachers Day to all teachers.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You had better believe it.... to find out more.... stay tuned to the blog.

The P, VP and kompang boys? Signs that someone's important gonna be here soon....

Good luck to our West Spring Team!

Dont mess around with this one trigger-happy family... The West Spring Shooting Team.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Cheer With Us" Workshop'06

A big group picture with all secondary schools which attended this workshop with Magnum Force Team.

Just yesterday, 5 of our fellow West Spring-ians made the effort to crawl out of their crib early in the morning to attend an 8-hour "Cheer With Us" workshop organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic's cheerleading team, Magnum Force.

This workshop is set up to approach young students out there who are interested in cheerleading or curious about what cheerleading is all about by joining us for a one-day cheerleading workshop planned with activities which could bring them a big step closer to this fastest growing school sport.

There are more than 60 students from various secondary schools like Methodist Girls Sch, Dunearn Sec, Pioneer Sec, NUS High Sch, C.H.I.J Toa Payoh, Chong Boon Sec etc and also students from Innova JC joining the team in this intermediate cheerleading workshop.

Our fellow warriors (note: check photos below this entry) do not have any cheerleading experiences nor gymnastics skills compared to the other secondary schools and teams but they are daring enough to take up the first step to know more about this sport! Magnum Force team is very heartened and proud of West Spring's students' adventurous spirits in being keen to learn more about cheerleading. (:

5 of our students are all from CCAs which have no link to gymnastics/cheerleading - Life Science Club, Volleyball Club, Band & Shooting Club. However, they get to learn on how to dance well with simple steps, do a stunt with bases, flyers and backspotters and lastly, the importance of having teamwork, trust and responsiblity among one another in putting up a stunt technically-correct and safely.

Pei Pei, one of our WS students exclaimed that she enjoyed herself a lot especially when she get to fly for the very first time with the help from Magnum Force cheerleaders!

Being an ex-WS student, I am really very appreciative towards the school for sending down these fellow juniors in joining me and the team for an one-day cheerleading workshop and also, very proud to say that they have presented themselves as very well-disciplined and spirited West Spring-ians ! (:

Cheerleading is a team sport not just about cheering for other people with our voices but also, with a delicate smile at all times and professionalism in performing a routine with stunts to cheer on the crowd. It is about self-confidence, maturity, respect for others and taking up responsibilty for ourselves during the process.

On behalf of my coach, Lenny Foo and the whole of Magnum Force Cheerleading Team, I would like to thank West Spring Sec Sch for joining us for this workshop. Thank you guys so much for having the interests to know more about cheerleading by coming forward for this workshop! This makes me a very proud ex-West Spring student!

If you would like to know more about cheerleading, you may drop by and check out the website or maybe, ask the 5 warriors of West Spring about it!

Cheer on West Spring ! Especially the students who are taking their Ns and Os' levels this year ! Bring glory to the school with the ACED-results and the West Spring spirits in all of you.

Karen Neo. (Ex-BlogM2)

A group picture of our fresh cheerleaders of WSSS with Magnum Force instructors !

Ngee Ann Polytechnic's cheerleading team, Magnum Force. (:

Cheerleaders are always ready with a smile.. Come on, smile with us !

"Wahhh... Pei Pei is going to flyy.." said Randolph with his wide-open mouth.... Is he drooling ? =P

"Am I really going to fly ? *heart palpitates*"

"Okay, I'm ready.. I'm readyyy..."

"Oh my !! I'm flying in the airrrrr.... " exclaimed in an exhilarated manner by Pei Pei.

Our fellow West Spring-ians doing a stunt called, "PA" Stand.

"Cheer With Us" Workshop organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic's cheer and dance team, Magnum Force. Were you there ? (:

Our very own West Spring warriors doing cheerleading stunts during the workshop ! Cheer for them people ! (:

Our adventurous and daring West Spring warriors having their lunches during the cheerleading workshop.

Monday, August 07, 2006

National Day 2006

Visit to check out all the celebrations that's going on around the island. Happy 41st Birthday Singapore. We love you.... mmmuacks....