Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Final Lap

The Final Lap

It is that time of the year once more when everyone just put in their best to get the best results. It's the Final Year Examinations. The exams conclude an entire year of learning and classroom experience. No matter which level you are in, your good performance determines what happens in the years ahead.

Remember always that you are accountable to your own dreams. No one else. Not your best friend. Not your parents. So give your best shot. Plan well. Bring home those report books you'd be proud of for many years to come.

For a special group of dedicated individuals, this would be their last lap in their secondary school lives. The S4s&5 seniors. Needless to say, to do well in the upcoming O's, there must be a huge amount of practice backed the confidence and faith that everything will be well. Remember -You create your own possibilities and your very own limitations. Win or Lose - it's all in the mind. The attitude you develop is the most important ingredient in determining your level of success.

How high you choose to soar at the O-levels, it's entirely up to you. An intelligent student would pace himself and herself well towards the build-up of the O-level "festivities". Preparing his/her notes, organizing them well. So there is stress. Ask anyone who's done the O-level before - be it your teachers or your JC/poly seniors - we've been through it and we lived to tell. It's just about how well you handle it. Deal with the stress. Go for a run or a swim. When you're done, get back into the game. Think through what must be done. Understand your weaknesses and strengths. Handle them intelligently. The trick is always in disciplining oneself with the exam study calender and understanding well the expectations of what is up ahead (from the TYS and Prelim papers).

But there's one thing they'd always say... if they had one more chance they'd live their secondary school lives all over again. They would want to take that O-level paper again - no matter how well they have done. But time, however, will not permit. New experiences and opportunities will present itself. The O-level will not be repeated.

This is your time. Do it. Do it well. We believe in you.