Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mrs Yip receiving a nice, well-deserving red present from her Class Chairperson.

You only get to see teachers dance only on 1 day of the year - Teachers' Day!!

Ms Siti, Ms Jasmine & Ms Yee looking as fresh as a toothpaste commercial.

Hooray for Ms Rani who walked away with the Caring Teacher's Award. Mrs Ang, Mr Prakash, Ms Audrey also got qualified for this award with their high votes.

JuOn stopped haunting houses for a day and returned as a boy for this Teacher's Day.

If you're not from West Spring you can't even tell who's the student and who's the teacher. Ms Yee and Karenn looking sweet.

When his ex-students returned, they made Mr Liu the official the lead singer of this new band. Round island tour this coming December.

Mr Khoo and some ex-students who came back to visit.

Live performance by West Spring Superbands.

2I Hairsylists posing outside the Bright Hill Evergreen Home after a job well done.

Aspiring hairstylists, Damien & PohSan adding a touch of style to their cuts.

"I think you should do a layered cut for this lady..."

Enjoying the careful haircuts, our clients looking tranquil and Zen-like.

Wei Liang handles this haircut with care and precision.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Darren ushering out a nice old lady after the haircut session at the Old Folks Home.

All winners here!!

Mr Ong handing out certificates for the interclass Humanities Quiz competition.

Mrs Liau with The Shy, The Coy & The Smug - members of the wining team for the Humanities Quiz 2006.

A dark and forboding moment as contestants await the results.

Team 3 frantically picks each others brains for answers.... Where in the world is Kalimajaro?

Ms Chan looking ever gracious as she tortures the contestants with mind boggling and esoteric humanities trivia.

Not forgetting the press coverage for the event.

Contestants stared upon the questions flashed on the gargantuan screen...

Its the finals of the Humanities Quiz 2006!

Wow! Wasnt that an amazing session?!

Many interesting questions were raised on security measures undertaken by the military on our National defenses in combatting terrorism.

The thinking audience.

"Dear Sir, is it true that you control one-third of the Army?!"

The eagerly anticipated QnA session with BG Wong on Security & Prosperity... (and other top secret weapons in the military arsenal...)

The BG pointing out the seriousness of Total Defence and our responsibilities.

Its not everyday you get a Bregedier General sitting next to you in your school auditorium.

Once again our 24drummers put up an impressive welcoming performance.

Wowed by the welcoming committee.

Where do you want my autograph?

Mr Seet welcoming the BG while Mr Ong ushers the VIP in.