Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good Luck for the Exams!

Good luck for your Final Year Examinations! Especially going out to the S4&5s who are sitting for their O and N-level examinations. Finish the fight with flying colours.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Teachers Day 2007 & Aces/BeYourself DAy

What a way to start the Teachers Day/Aces Day/Be Yourself Day!!!
It was quite obvious what our S4 seniors here want to do after their O-levels... if you're thinking wondering monks, you're way off....but....Samurais For Hire!!... Winners of Best Costume Award. SamuraiX and SamuraiXX - The Final Showdown. [Watch out for their youtube series.... starring - SamuraiX (Ronnie 4B) & SamuraiXX (Justin 4A)].
SamuraiXX: "Hey SamuraiX are they still staring at us? Do they not fear the taste of my steely Samurai Blade of the Moon with +70% damage to mana, 80% frost damage and not to mention renders the enemy blind?"
SamuraiX : Ahhhh the same one that caused you training injury.... they may have also forgotten my Poison Green Blade of the Shinobi....? 50% Poison Damage plus 80% Increase to Good Looks for the bearer...
"Ms Jun.... you look so different without your glasses...!? Can we take a photo?!!" - MsJun & 4D gals.
Ms Sherry Liew and all her gals.... wondering how many presents she got?
Ms Chan overwhelmed by her personal fan club.... and class... ;>
Who organized this party for their teachers? Find out in a later picture....
Adeq & classmates from 4H.... Be Yourself Day brings out the smiles in all of us... Who is Adeq? [Did you know there are over 30,000 "adeqs" on friendster? - rediculous but true. Ask a Malay friend whats an "Adeq"... ;>]
Is this a prelude to West Spring - The High School Musical....? Maybe.
But its the mass dance routine for now.

A modest but touching celebration at the canteen by 3I for all their teachers.... Mr Lye came first.... ;> .... 3I you rock...!!
A special musical tribute to all teachers for all your dedication and hardwork work.... peppp peppppppp peppppppppp pepppppppppppppppp .... by our sexaphonists and their sexaphones.....
One good buddy to the other,"What tune are they playing to again??"
Rolling good times with Mr Poon and Mr Soh. Enjoying the fun-filled, sold-outconcert.