Monday, February 28, 2005

Our First GCE O-level Results

Hey we've done it WSSS... !!! Now it's your turn!

First and foremost allow me to congratulate those who have done well for the GCE O-level examinations and brought pride to our school. Because of your good grades, WSSS is a school to be reckoned with. You knew you were the first batch, the pioneers, you had a standard to set for the rest of WSSS to follow. And you stayed true to that course and you slogged through to bring WSSS the best grades. You deserve those grades and West Spring wishes you the best in your journeys ahead.

Ultimately, the results are not for the school, they are for no one but you. To protect you from the harshness of the world out there, outside our protective walls. A good set of grades will offer you more opportunities and open more doors especially in competitive times like these.

Of course in every battle, there are those who would be wounded. To those who "have not done well". Now this is subjective. In my definition, not doing well is not achieving your best because you did not put in your best shot. If you had put in your honest, best, focussed work, then you have done well in my book. You know you are a capable person.

In the preparations up to the O-levels some chose to be the wounded ones - well you deserve it. Let me be straightforward on this. We the teachers and the school have done our utmost to bring you the best of what we can provide and yet you chose to ignore our reminders time and again. So now take those grades and move on and play all you want now - after all it was play and a carefree life that you wanted.

However, because you belong to our WSSS family - I will let you read on to the advice that I will dispense after being with at least 10 graduating O-level batches.

While others worked hard but perhaps due to factors beyond their control got wounded along the way - my sympathies. I am really sorry for you guys. The teachers are back here to help you out. We know who you are. Come back if you need advice on your choices. We will do our best to advice you on the best alternatives.

My advice is this - some doors are closed now to you. But some remain open. Understand your options fully. Understand your strengths. More importantly, understand your mistakes. Don't repeat them. One step backward may mean 10 bounding leaps ahead in years to come - if you make an invaluable learning point at this juncture. Mark my words.

What remains now is in our choices. Make good ones. Applicable to those who have done well or otherwise. I have seen students who did well in their O-levels made bad choices later in their lives. So while celebrating, don't forget to plan.

Plan for the years ahead. Go be that someone that you want. It's not just securing a place being in JC or the Polytechnic.

Thank your parents for being there for you all these years. They who have supported you during those nights you stayed up to prepare for the Os.

Thank your teachers because you know they have been diligent and sincere in their efforts for you. A small card goes a long way. All our teachers have been here to guide and protect you.

Always remember this also, the O-level grades is not a determinant of infdividual success. Prove to yourself that no matter what your grades you receive, someday you will be successful in the path that you ultimately choose despite everything else . And you will come back to WSSS someday to contribute back to our Alumni & school, to find all your teachers may have moved on, or otherwise, but the memories remain. The lessons learnt. We may be a small, relatively unknown school but we are strong because we believe. And we will grow stronger with each of your successes.


Overall we are waiting for our VAT scores to come out next week to learn whether we are a value-added school. That is the chief objective of the school. To add value to students. I have seen students who have grown to be confident young men and women. Yes in this sense we have achieved what we set to do. But there is yet one more. Our academic areas must be as polished or even better.

To the best classes in WSSS 2005, I urge you to prepare well, to help out your friends in other classes if need be - this is your responsibility. To encourage one another. S2, S3 & S4s.

To the classes still in Dreamland 2005, get your act together. The teachers are all here to give their best. We just want the best grades for you. Put in the hard work. Show some appreciation by handing up your best assignments. You know we work the longest hours. Show your appreciation in class - in the way you study, in the way you concentrate.
Special Mention : (AMaths)
Go see my "xp..." blog. Dont share the address with the world. Just for my classes only. Find out where it is from your friends. Special note there for you guys.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Gema Puisi Artistik (GPA) Qualifying for Finals

Peace out West Spring! We'll be back here at the GPA Finals with more supporters! Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Emotions were as intense as the Singapore Idols at the Gema Puisi Semi-finals at NYJC on Saturday (thank your lucky stars you've got a super BlogM to have captured these shots+publish 'em superstyle for all of WSSS to join in the celebrations. Upcoming: The Photographic talents of BlogM2 with the O-level Results Release.)

Congratulations everyone performers and supporters at the GPA!

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The Princess Gunung Ledang (a.k.a Azura) speaketh.

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Preparing the Princess. Preparations for the big competition ahead. Only 10 out of 20 schools participating will qualify for the finals. Posted by Hello

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