Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good Luck to All WSSS N-levelers!!!

Hey everyone, heres wishing all our N-level classes the best for their theory papers next week. This is it. The N-levels. The one you have been waiting for is here. The one the teachers been waiting for is here. The one your juniors are expecting you to do the school proud is here.

Stay cool. Maintain your good notes.
We are all here for you.

Next stop: The O-levelers... you guys know what to do from now on. Plan your exam study calendar. Study smart. Do it well!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Always Have The End In Mind

Nothing Can Stop That Smile: The hardwork, the diligent effort, the focused goals, the good study habits, the self-belief - would pay off. And it's all yours.

The Tears: The tears are real. The pain is real. No amount of consolation would help. No words of sympathy would erase anything on paper. Nothing can turn back the time.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hope you have a blast on your results day because you have been diligent and steadfast in preparing for the examinations. May we all receive all the good news and best grades.

Release of Results: This day will come in your lives. So prepare well. You have one chance.

Not many months ago the O-level results were released. Take a moment to remember how your seniors reacted on that day when they collected their results. Your defining moment will come soon. Do your best. Do your very best. Because you can never turn back the hands of time. Take your best shot at the Os.

We built a name for ourselves. Let's stay champions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Being Responsible

Have you been Responsible on your school blog lately?

At the heart of our 7 Core values - Responsible, Enterprising, Selfless, Passionate, Enterprising, Courageous, Tenacity - being Responsible is something that is demanded from each and everyone of us. It is a value that guides us in our actions, whether in our responsibilities towards our studies, taking care of the our school surroundings and projecting our image. It embodies many things that we carry out daily within and outside the school walls.

Lately, our tagboard has been infested with many undesirable comments from various anonymous persons (and more disappointingly from the school I suspect).

Particularly interesting is that the school has recently put up banners of the School Vision, Mission & its 7 Core Values. Shouldn't we be more responsible now since we are reminded of these values each day as we pass these banners? Indeed, many of us have to look within ourselves and ask ourselves what is to be responsible?

  • Are we responsible to ensure we project the right image of the school and its students on the Internet via the school blog?
  • Is being tagging responsibly such a hard thing to do?
  • Is commenting responsibly something really difficult?

Is West Spring reponsible enough to be deserving of this school blog? Or will the Responsible Banner/Mural will simply be a pretty banner to look at?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

School Opening Ceremony 9 September 2005

The West Spring School Opening Ceremony Extravaganza!!!

Stop floating around will you??! Just burst the bubble and get down here!!

Spot the photographer contest and win yourself a dinner for 2! Partners not included.

Time for some Mozart....

The Chinese dancers in a captivating display of poise, energy and vibrancy...

Graceful and elegant, our dancers showed em how its done...

The Queen meeting the common people... ;>

Here comes the Queen, you commonfolks!

A very happy Mr Singh enjoying the company of the Minister and his other guests...

Which other school opening would have a lunch heralded by trumpeting Indian man in white.... ? Only the coolest...

The Bangra boys brought in the food!!!

The official token-of-appreciation for the Minister created by our own in -house Art guru, Mr Amin...

The Minister officially launches the opening of our great school!!

A very proud Mr Singh whose vision of a happy school finally came to fruition. A well-deserving congratulatory opening speech from him.

Ms Chong and the ladies at the reception looking beautiful and splendid ...

Wow!!!! This is indeed remarkable....

Carpark to Control Central, we are good to go!!!

Right here we have our in-house, school-made VX-rockets capable of delivering a nuclear warhead over a 10km radius... just in case our neighbours irritate us...

That is a micromouse... very small indeed.... hmmmmmm

So you're telling me these robots are going to fight till the last screw comes off? Yes Sir, may the best fighting robot live....

Secrurity detail ready (just in case...)

Minister - Whoa remarkable!! You guys sure know how to put on a superb reception!!!

24 drums all checked. All ready to drummmm...

The Lookouts: I dunnow if the Minister is arriving in a red Ferrari or yellow Porche....!!! This is stressful...

The Lion dangers rested their lions before the Big Show...

Seems that everyone was smiling when the pink balloons arrived... ;>

The front office ladies were smiling ear to ear... before they fought over the pink balloons... ;>

Congratulations West Spring!! (May your students not destroy its beautiful blog with childish comments...)

Congratulations West Spring!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Exams - Time To Shine

Will you be ready when the day comes? Train hard, fight easy. Exams are a test of willpower, determination, guts, consistency, hardwork and effective, organized study methods. Good Luck all... and remember luck is when spotting meets opportunity (to answer the question you spotted)... preparation meets opportunity... so shine when you have the chance.

Announcement !!... Don't get emotional if you can't do the questions... Just answer the next question...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Reason To Smile

Coming Soon to monitors near you ...