Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Presents...!!! Send in your comments ...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

West Spring You Can - We Believe In Ya

Here's wishing all our graduating classes the very best in their preparations for the Prelims & Os & Ns. We have come this far. Let's finish the game in style. This is OUR team. This is OUR time. West Spring is with You.

Do What All Stars Do. Shine.

Never Fail Your Comrades.

Nothing Is Impossible. You Know That Already. ;>

The Brave Shall Rule. No Fear.

Courage, Strength & Honor.

Make Us Proud.

Never Retreat, Never Surrender.

Don't Hold Back. Show Em What You've Got.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Ultimate School Camp Experience - We Loved It

The ultimate adventure experience - The Dairy Farm Camp - just watch out for those wild, mad cows running amok.

Blogmaster looking for best 3 essays on the camp for every level.. Very attractive prizes up for grabs... submit before end of Term3. Student leaders' experiences are most welcomed.

Hush now and listen up.... I thought I saw something moving in the bushes earlier... did anyone see it...?

Hey what happened to all the musical chairs?

Lost, hungry and out of toilet paper... what could be worse...?

Another Kodak moment on the way back home... they were happy alright!

These Amazonian women knew nothing about camouflaging in a jungle.

Huddled together for heat under the eves, adventurers packed their helmets and harneses to take shelter from the pouring rain.

Running for cover. The skies grew dark and foreboding, then the heavens poured forth in great torrents.


Resting atop the crest of Mount Dairy Farm were the funky gals of West Spring. We come in peace and we will not litter this summit....

Don't you just love cannibals? Right here is where the cannibals are... don't worry they just love hikers who never hand up homework back in school... they sweat more... that's how the cannibals know...

Our guides posing fashionably cool... then again must be good photopgrahy (lol)

The dark, dark forest... creepy.... not for the faint hearted and those who wore slippers...

One of these guys was actually the notorious serial Pied Piper....!!! Wanted by the authorities for leading hikers out to nowhere and getting them lost for several camps now...

Trekkers cutting through the thick undergrowth, battling against nasty insect bites and flesh-eating jungle rats... all in a days work...

What looked like a black steelpipe out-of-nowhere was actually a rare DairyFarmian Anaconda camouflaging as a out-of-nowhere black-steel pipe ... these hikers were eaten one by one ... but were eventually saved by the swashbuckling BlogMaster who coincidentally happened to be around ... lucky for them....

Remember the lymric when back you when you were a kid? "In the dark, dark forest there's a dark, dark house.." Well, we found it...

The treetops looked tall and forboding.... more dangerously leathal monkey droppings that will make you die from "pai-seh"... urrghhh...

The legend of the bright-yellow raincoat-garbed BigFoot was true after all.... (this is the only pictorial evidence of its existence... for you BigFoot junkies out there...)

An indoor sharing session. "So you guys know of any good ghost stories surrounding this camp....?". Errr...no? Heard about the ghostly peace sign that appears in pictures you take around here...?"

The boys looking all geared up for the tightrope walk... Chor Shen from S1I refusing to reveal his identity... someone go bug him in school for being shy.... (future warning against shy people in front of the camera...)

Ever seen a set of happier faces than this? Obviously before they found out that those 2 fingers (peace sign) belonged to none of them.... spooky....

Mummmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....!!!! Students were warned against taking hot chiili or spicy food before the Flyingfox Experience... just in case of stomach troubles high above and we'd have a FlyingUrgh experience....

Jessica & Shima (Camp Overall IC) sharing a Kodak moment outside the camp before parting ways... sob sob

Our Camp In-Charge Jessica looking all confident and ready for a good challenge.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blessed (Add Plus+5 to Luck if Studied for Exams)

The Heavens above are smiling on us...

Mock Exams Is In

Focus.... Train Hard, Fight Easy.

We so gonna hang them on stage if they not ace-ing the papers...

Some serious exams going on...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Download this Rockfans... it's gonna be on the T-shirt... We Rock... West Spring keeps on rocking... Ace with the As at the Ns and Os... Go West Spring

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rock On!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cool Ain't It. Keep one for souvenir. National Day celebration photos can be found at eth school website. Just click the flying flag. http://schools.moe.edu.sg/wsss.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Who Dares Wins

Work Smart West Spring. You Know & We Know You Can Do It.