Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup @ West Spring

The Final!
Italy vs France (3am 9 July 2006 Monday morning)!!

It is finally here. A month of great soccer action will culminate in the most watched sporting event of the year. The sporting phenomenon that happens once only every 4 years will feature soccer giants France and Italy in a 90mins game that promises talent, skill, guts and glory. Both sides have their eyes fixated on only one thing - the coveted World Cup trophy. History will be written tonight... be part of it... and come to school on Monday morning to relive the experience. (not during lesson time) ... you wont forgive yourself for 4 years if you miss this one...

To all Italian fans... we will winnnn!!! Haha...

SemiFinal Matches
Germany vs Italy (5th July 2006) = Italy wins
France vs Portugal (6th July 2006) = France wins

4 July 2006 -

So we are down to our top 4 teams qualifying for the semi-finals. Favourites Brazil will not be joining the ranks of the top 4 teams after a disappointing 1-0 quarter-final loss to France.

It will come down to tactically efficient Germany (rumoured to have studied all players penalty probabilities) vs the stylish Italian football hitsquad. Will the German home supporters be thrilled to another successful penalty shoot-out or will the Italian mob have the last laugh tonight? We can only await in excruciating anticipation for the outcome of tonight's match. Unfortunately we cannot get a poll done here else it will be cool to poll your predictions for the game!

Ever written a Sports results article for English class? Hmmmm perhaps the English teachers should make you write one... to discover your hidden talents

Students vs Staying Awake in Class ;>