Monday, November 29, 2004

New West Spring In Progress

New West Spring seen from garden steps in front of the school
Curious about the progress of the new school?
Click here to download the new school wallpaper

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Do We Need A WSSS Gallery?

Now where have I seen these beautiful girls before?

Ms Kymm & Shaun looking very happy here

Do we need a West Spring Gallery? Send us your comments and views (& more pictures)?... ;>on the tag?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Prom Night - Class of 2004

Well... the big day finally came and went. Indeed, the last formal day for every senior in WSSS to get together and perhaps tonight was the grandest night of them all. Everyone came dresssed in their evening best (though the invitation said "smart casual"), a rare but pleasant sight - bevies of beauties and confident, handsome young men - WSSS very own.

The ever popular William "BingQin" Hung shook his bon-bons to the audience delight and walked away as Prom King and the witty Rionita charmed her way to reign as Prom Queen for the night after the audience sent in their sms-votes. First one ever in Singapore I think at a Prom Night. Once again we have set another National benchmark!

Those who missed out this event for one reason or another, would probably never know what happened other than from the superb kodak moments which will be printed out or published later on (this blog or sch site). The experience tonight was something every senior in WSSS had looked forward to - a culmination of all the years of hardwork, grit and determination.

The class vid wizz('s) really did magic on their vid presentation in an array collages as they re-created their memories at WSSS through series of video images . Shaun, Sarah, Tessa, Sharon, Mr Simon Gan.. (what's with these people with names all starting with S & T? ) must be given special mention for their sheer hardwork and talent in producing those awe-inspiring vids.

I asked someone why was this batch was always touted "the confident one". The reply was that after all the years of working for a dream of a new school, and studying in temporary holding schools, all surviving in the pious hope of a new school. This was one batch that studied and toiled with no references, no shared experience from any senior coz they were the first. This made them resolute, this made them resilient, this built character. And this will take them very far in Life wherever they choose to go.

Just like all the other teachers, I'm gonna miss them all. To the class of S4 2004 - this is just a temporary departure but never a goodbye.

To those who were there - don't you ever forget the feather story.... coz I won't. And pass along the story to those who werent there for the completion of your 4 years in a place you will always fondly remember as your West Spring Secondary School.

Karen's Prom & Pics :

PS - If you wanna share your Prom experience or photo album just tag me your link...

Monday, November 22, 2004

Sec3 Singapore Polytechnic Experience Nov 2004

Hello everyone!!! While the rest of West Spring Secondary are having their (well-deserved) holidays, some 70++ of us here are engaged in the Singapore Polytechnic experience.

Well we send you more updates... once this experience is over.

Right now some of us are learning Macromedia Flash Actionscripts (check out what we've created)

In the meantime, some commentaries from people here...

EiLeen, 3B 04- "This lesson is great. BUt Mr Rudie's TV looks monsterly good!!"

, 3B 04 - "Nothing to say but this is good!!!"


Monday, November 15, 2004

Selamat Hari Raya West Spring!

Here's wishing all our Muslim teachers, students and friends of West Spring a Selamat Hari Raya ...!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

WSSS Website 2005

words fail us sometimes

WSSS Pro Upgrade

So you thought you've seen the school site upgraded?
You ain't seen nothing yet...
"Pro_Upgrade2" - the mostt anticipated event in 2004....coming to all monitors near you.

Sneak Previews: December 2004

Happy Deepavali !!!

Here's wishing a great Deepavali to all our Hindu teachers, students & friends ...!!

WSSS Webmasters

Friday, November 05, 2004

The new West Spring Secondary School

click here
to enlarge

The new West Spring Secondary at 61 Senja Road effective 01 January 2005.
location map

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Look Ma! It's Our New Campus !!!

The new campus seen from a wide angle perspective.
This sprawling green field outside the school can definitely double up as the unofficial school picnic grounds... ;> Posted by Hello

Disclaimer: graphic content may cause trembles of excitement...

The new campus seen from another perspective - although compact looking - you will find its interior pleasantly spacious...! Posted by Hello

Side Elevation of School - 6 beautiful storeys high Posted by Hello
The lush green field, in the central foreground, is the school field has not been digitally enhanced.

The building on the right houses the new school library on the ground floor, the 200-seater lecture theatre on the 2nd & 3rd levels and the computer, video & robotics labs on the upper levels.

Seen on the ground floor of the adjoining buidling on the left is the fully air-conditioned gym. The DnT Labs, Science Labs & FnN labs are also located within the building (but I'm not saying on which floors to keep you in anticipation).

You will get a preview of the new school come 28 December 2004 during the first school tour.

Just between you and me, I just can't wait!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

New Campus Pictures Coming Soon

We are hours away from the release of pictures the new school.
Watch this spot closely.

West Spring Secondary

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New School Website - Finally Here!

Well the new school website is finally up!!!

Visit and bookmark the page!

We are looking for more pictures... and photojournalists to capture the West Spring experience...
positions are opened... only the most creative need apply.

If you have any great links of your online photo album just drop a tag and we'll ge there!
Don't forget to mail out to all your friends from school and the anxious P6 students out there...

Have a great hols ahead.... got the calendar planner yet?!

The WSSS Blogs

Monday, November 01, 2004

Enjoy Your Holidays to The Fullest !!

Day 1 of school holidays and you start getting frenzied with the thoughts of what to accomplish in a seemingly long list of items to do. Seems that you got on your hands 2 months worth of holidays. If your mathematics is right (it had better be), that's 60 ++ cool days to the start of 2005. That's like time aplenty.

Here's are some suggestions...
  • Get a calender planner... and start planning the holidays... you will find that the next 60 days will be the most amazing school holidays you ever had! Even holidays take planning & budgeting ...
  • Plan to visit interesting places on the island and take tonnes of pictures (send em over) then start a very graphic blog page!
  • Plan to meet friends for soccer, basketball, roller blading (!!!), badminton, etc
  • Vacation jobs can be overated sometimes... its not worth the worry if you cant get one... instead enjoy the carefree days!! ... not sleeping... but
  • Catch some movies ... so many to choose from...
  • Organize a class BBQ to remember 2004 by (dont forget to invite your teachers and me)
  • Train up by either swimming or running to be that lean, mean & tanned machine for the new Term. Make sure everyone goes gaga when school reopens. Sports Day 2005 is in March (advanced warning...)
  • Go to Borders and read all day long (I will do this if Im in your shoes...)
  • If you're a recovering game addict, maybe spend a day or two at your X-box ... the holidays are too precious to be spent in cyberspace.
  • Check with your CCA teachers if they need help with packing and stuff...
  • Restudy and master this year's loose concepts and consolidate your learning....
  • Check your Resolutions 2004 see if you had missed out any
  • Set your 2005 goals and resolutions early and ask yourself why you need to accomplish each of them...

But most importantly... go get that Calender Planner now!!!

60 days and counting...