Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our West Spring Water

It's oxygenated. It's thirst quenching. It has our name on it.
Yes, its the West Spring Mineral Water.
Lauched on the same day as the Zhenghua Superstar, which happens to coincide with the 2007 National Day Celebrations, the West Spring Mineral Water made its cool debut to a crowd of at least a thousand who had come to celebrate the festivities. The West Spring Enterprise Club was all smiles when the mineral water bottle was final launched after many months of finalizing the details of the bottle design and marekting. Of course, much to the delight of our students, they treated to a bottle of the oxygenated water each. Wrapped in a cool blue bottle, it certainly will quench that "Thirst For Knowledge" for many good years ahead.

Meanwhile, our mineral water will make its debut in the nearby NTUCs and kopitiams... so look out for it!


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