Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Being Responsible

Have you been Responsible on your school blog lately?

At the heart of our 7 Core values - Responsible, Enterprising, Selfless, Passionate, Enterprising, Courageous, Tenacity - being Responsible is something that is demanded from each and everyone of us. It is a value that guides us in our actions, whether in our responsibilities towards our studies, taking care of the our school surroundings and projecting our image. It embodies many things that we carry out daily within and outside the school walls.

Lately, our tagboard has been infested with many undesirable comments from various anonymous persons (and more disappointingly from the school I suspect).

Particularly interesting is that the school has recently put up banners of the School Vision, Mission & its 7 Core Values. Shouldn't we be more responsible now since we are reminded of these values each day as we pass these banners? Indeed, many of us have to look within ourselves and ask ourselves what is to be responsible?

  • Are we responsible to ensure we project the right image of the school and its students on the Internet via the school blog?
  • Is being tagging responsibly such a hard thing to do?
  • Is commenting responsibly something really difficult?

Is West Spring reponsible enough to be deserving of this school blog? Or will the Responsible Banner/Mural will simply be a pretty banner to look at?


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