Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Presents...!!! Send in your comments ...


Blogger karenn ** said...

i shall be tha first then ((:

i've got too many to mention alr. but stil, i wil make d effort to make tis tha longest wishes.

i pray tat mr khoo wil stil be tha KHOO-LEST teacher in years to come and most importantly, i hope to see more KHOO-LEST kids in his family. TWO children is SOOOO NOT ENOUGH. :P

next wil be mr liu mun kang ! i shall pray tat he wil be able to attain nirvana in future becuz his patience is seriously worth mentioning and give our respect to. such temper cannot be found anywhere (:

mrs celine ang ! i wish tat everything wil be smooth-sailing fer her n family n also, tha almighty above to make her smile more becuz its really angelic. it can really fulfil someone's day wif her smile. (:

mr simon gan ! i wish tat he wil be able to spread his virtue to tha students in west spring. well not becuz our students doesnt hav it but mr gan can really touch tha students' hearts n make them change to tha better. i pray tat he wil be able to reach out to all tha students, as many as possible. :D

ms jasmine chuah ! sincerely wish tat she wont miss me when i leave west spring becuz i think, ya, i think she wil miss me. OOPS ! :P

n ya, mr rudie asmara !!! wil nv ferget tis mentor of mine. i wish tat he wil be able to take more good pictures n uh huh, impart those skills to me n make me a better photographer. i swear i wil be an oustanding disciple of his. most importantly, wish him well in maintaining tha WS blog better than ever becuz its not an easy job. mr ra, u rocas. :D

lastly, to al tha teachers in west spring, a very very very very HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY. being a teacher is not easy n u manage to make it there. (:

thank god fer all of you. serious.

deep in my heart, wish all of u well in tha teaching career n also, in spreading tha wisdom words of knowledge to tha students successfully.

cheers !

- karenn.

9:52 AM  
Blogger fiona said...

wow i dont think im able to muster enough to send dedications out to each and every single teacher that has taught me throughout the four years of life in wss.

so here's to all of you. your guidance and patience is greatly appreciated. i never had greater fun in my life than spendin time with u guys. ((:

u guyz rawk. ;)

9:19 AM  
Anonymous m.u.l.a.n said...

tOp tEn tEaChEr oF mY cHoicE aRe:

Miiss jUn - my form teacher. a nice n caring one but nagging at time.. hahahax.

miiss chuah - my past year english teacher. She good in teaching english. A very small teacher but no one dare to bully.. lols

Mr khoo - A very handsome n kind teacher that teach mi scince for many years. =)

Mr s0h - A ah beng teacher that teach Pe n Math =X A teacher that respect student and of cos student gave him all the respect =)

Miss chong (zhang lao shi)
she cute n she teach mi chinese last year. i lurfe her

Miss yee - she a good fnn teacher that allow mi to get a 2 in my N level =)

Mrs kor - she teach me phy this year. a caring n beautiful teacher

Mdam tang - my chinese teacher of 2005. nagging but nice to student

Mr Lau - My phy teacher of 2004. he stay back after school during sep to teach mi phy. he a good phy teacher. thank

Mr S_____ - no longer in wsss but he is a very good teacher in history n make mi pass my history in N level =)it the 1st time i pass history.

a lot more teacher of cos. but no time to list out. i respect all of them. =)

h a p p y . t e a c h e r . d a y

10:03 PM  
Blogger tianwei said...

My top ten teachers are:

Mr Rudie, Mr Prakash, Mr Khoo, Mrs Celine Ang, Mdm Ik, Mr Soh, Miss Yee, Mr Amin, Miss Waheeda and Mr Simon Gan...

You guys rockzzz!!! All the best to you all and hope you guys will stay coolzzz 4ever...*thumbs up* =D

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... This is supposed to be top ten wishes for the teachers... not top ten teachers of yours...

7:38 PM  

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