Sunday, June 19, 2005

Things To Do Before The New Term Starts

With only one week left before the new term starts, just a few suggestions of the activities that you could do before its too late ;)

  1. Have you completed your holiday work yet? Trying to cram all of your work at the 11th hour could be disastrous. Why not call up a friend and organize a study group to make studying more fun and more motivated. Ensure that your study group doesnt deviate to something else though!
  2. Spend time with your family and friends. 19th June is Father's day. You might want to so something special as a family, bake a cake, make a card, eat out, picnic together, rent a vcd or dvd and eanjoy watching it with popcorn and friends. Anything!
  3. Volunteer! It’s a great feeling to do something nice unconditionally. You could volunteer for the National Library for the less fortunate or if you're game for it, try volunteering for the Zoo even and have the most amazing experience there.
  4. Head to the beach! Learn to roller blades or ride a bicycle or go kayaking, for less than $10. For the more adventurous, learn to make your own kites and fly them for a most therapeutic experience. Don’t forget your sunscreen or risk being sunburnt!
  5. Register an account to Moblog and get to know more friends and people. Check out the National Interschool Blogging Championship 2005 and support West Spring!
  6. Exploring just for the fun of it. Yes it is possible to see lovely sights here for less than $10. Try taking the train to Bugis to see the beautiful sights of the Sultan Mosque and the charming rustic shophouses around it or the Chinatown to see the bustling activities or Little India for the wonderful food and sights.
  7. Learn a new skill like a new language or craftmaking, learn how to make bears or write a story, a song, a poem or draw just for the fun of it
  8. And loads loads more ... Its up to how you would like to spend you time :)

Remember when time passes by, you could never get it back. In short, think of the things that you wished you should have and would have done but didnt. Time, its in your hands, spend it wisely!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this latest entry!!! one week left... complete the assignments .... enjoy the holidays to the max!!! West Spring Rocks!

10:07 AM  
Anonymous rrachell said...

m00 warrhs. ii siimplyy lubb diis lastest entry! yea. 0ne m0re week left niia. gett ur h0mew0rrkx d0ne quiicklyy! d0unchh lett ur teacherr sc0ld euu! quuiickk! aniiwae. westspring rox muhh s0cks mann!

6:00 AM  

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