Friday, February 17, 2006

A Farewell for Mr Amin

Good Luck to Mr Amin in his studies

Beloved art teacher and colleague Mr Amin will be leaving West Spring Secondary for his further studies. Mr Amin known for his refreshingly original and creative ideas has always been an inspiration to his dedicated Arts students and students who have been trained in film-directing under his tutelage in the Media Club.

Mr Amin will be leaving for beautiful (and enviable) Tasmania, Australia, where he will further refine his knowledge in the Arts. He has been quite sentimental about his departure from the school after having many great memories about the school - with students and staff alike. Mr Amin has been with the school for more than three years and has made countless contributions to the artistic development in the school including inspiring the many mural designs around both the present and the old campus. West Spring will miss the man who can be both gregarious and serious at the same time.

We wish him well in his travels and all the success in his future endeavours! Good Luck Mr Amin!


Anonymous (One of your Student) said...

Glad to get teach by You. Remember to bring that vodoo doll along hor ya! Hope You know who I were.
Take Care.. :)

1:43 AM  
Blogger Von t. said...

Mr amin is the sexiest art teacher ever. I'm glad he left Wsss to further his studies. ((:

5:36 PM  
Anonymous your pet said...

I am commenly known as yr pet and i am totally sad to see u go... ...
All the best & good luck!!!

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Amin!!
sad 2 hear u leaving!!

all the best..
thnx for ur greatest moments..

from Gerl(u called ME gerl at matritche..remember?)

2:50 AM  

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